Dec 15

Rust Experimental Update 190

Rust Experimental Update 190

Every once in a while you will hear the sound of jingle bells. If you hang a stocking inside your base, when the jingle bells ring the stocking will fill up with loot. The larger stocking has a higher chance for better items. Two gifts are spawned per player, in a radius of about 40m from where you are standing. Some notable Christmas items you may find are Santa hats and reindeer antlers, both of which can be worn and provide a decent amount of protection. Also added a default blueprint craftable Christmas Tree. If you decide to create one, it’ll start out bare, but you’ll find the decorations within presents. Building Tier Changes: metal is twice as strong as Stone, and Armored is twice as strong as metal. Added an extra row of slots to the tool cupboard. Now any item that has condition will only work in a vending machine if it has at least 50% condition. Deployables are now protected against decay when placed inside the building privilege radius. You can now repair all barricades using the hammer tool. Doors, wall frame inserts and floor frame inserts now also require upkeep. Animal behaviour has been overhauled over the past two weeks. They should now feel more predictable and consistent in how they react to your presence.

Rust Experimental:  ZDE

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