Dec 22

Rust Experimental Update 191

Rust Experimental Update 191

Added Throwable Flares
Added handheld flashlight
Added a bunch more deployable interaction sounds
Added Upkeep notifications and gametips
Door Garland is available to craft w/ Window garland sitem
Can Admire/Examine skins with N key
Added fog start distance in dark environments (gamma / navigation exploit)
Fixed spinner wheel sound playback bug
Fixed beams being invisible
Fixed various errors on client and server
Fixed fog not always being disabled in caves (gamma / navigation exploit)
Fixed high external stone gate only decaying very slowly
Fixed roof conditional models in various scenarios
Wounded players no longer block player movement
Upkeep payment intervals are now saved and restored on server restart
Crossbow can take underbarrel modifications
Lowered some upkeep costs

Rust Experimental:  HERE

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